Ivey Media, LLC is a media company committed to creating content that encourages.

We believe stories change the world, and we work hard to share stories with listeners, viewers, and readers.

Jamie Ivey has been hosting her podcast, The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, since 2014, and in 2022 she began helping others create their podcasts. She truly believes that there is room in the world for all of us, and it’s her joy to be a part of the Ivey Media Podcasts (IMP) collective alongside the other excellent hosts in the group.

Service Offerings

Ivey Media, LLC provides consulting, coaching, advertising sales, and production for all members of the podcast collective. In addition, our team works to provide technical-production support, reach advertising goals, and create written content when needed.

The IMP team is excited to be welcoming its inaugural group of shows in the Summer of 2022 and can’t wait to see how the lineup evolves over the coming years.  


We offer expert opinions, analysis, and recommendations to content creators, based on their specific area of expertise, to help provide strategy as they launch their podcasting dream.



Sometimes you just need a quick pep talk, or maybe a big-picture look at your game plan. Or perhaps what you really need is strategic one-on-one support. Wherever you find yourself, Ivey Media has put together a great course to start your IMP coaching journey. We also plan to launch an IMP mastermind in January 2023.



So many great podcasters don’t know where to begin when it comes to monetizing their show through advertising and brand sponsorships. There are also a great deal of small to midsize businesses and organizations that can’t compete with the big budgets spent in traditional advertising firms. IMP is here to help both parties.


Ivey Media Studios is in the business of helping podcasters have the best sound, episode structure, and audience listening experience.

Aaron & Jamie Ivey

Aaron & Jamie Ivey

Co-Creators / CEO & CFO

Jamie and Aaron Ivey live in Austin, Texas where they parent four kids and do their best to change the world from right where they are. Jamie hosts “The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey” podcast, has written some books, and will stop anything to jam to some 90s hip hop. Aaron is a pastor and songwriter, has also written some books, and loves spending time cooking in the kitchen. The Iveys believe stories have a huge impact on the world, and they are honored to share stories from their co-hosted podcast “On the Other Side” with you.

Lyndsey Sweeney

Lyndsey Sweeney

Director of Operations

Lyndsey Sweeney has been part of the Ivey Media team since the fall of 2017. She has experience in all areas of podcasting and business management, which makes her a great Director of Operations. Lyndsey lives in Austin, Texas with her petite goldendoodle Lola who is our official office dog. When not making all things happen at Ivey Media, Lyndsey spends her time planning and hosting her friends for beautifully curated events, meals, and weekend getaways.

Angie Elkins

Angie Elkins

Director of Podcasts

Angie Elkins lives in Orlando, Florida where she and her husband Robert parent their three almost-all-adult children. She has been podcasting since 2017 through her show “Chatologie,” which is a connector of friends, faith and fun…and feels like a few minutes spent with your most inspiring friends. Angie is the Director of Podcasts at Ivey Media, and her personal experience as a host, producer, and editor makes her an excellent coach for all those who are within the Ivey Media Podcasts collective